Posted by: greercn | December 1, 2009

Low Budgets and Horror – Bring Back Crafting!

“Paranormal Activity” claims to have terrified America. Why?

It’s a perfectly okay movie. The best effect is the Ouija board catching fire, but there is enough of funny shadows and spirits taking over to make you feel a little scared. Not a lot, but a little. Baby powder will not be used to greater effect in any movie this year, unless you count porn, and I don’t.

But scaring America? Compared to Iraq? Or Afghanistan?

It doesn’t help that the two leads are curiously unengaging. I will never know who they are – nor will I wish to – because the movie comes without any credits at all. I guess that’s meant to add to the cinema verite feel, but it’s just annoying that you don’t know anything about the how or why of it all.

When did “Blair Witch” conventions become normal? I saw “The Fourth Kind” not long ago and it was exactly the same hand-held camera stuff, making you feel you were in someone’s living room. My living room is lovely and if I want to be in a living room, I’ll stick to that, thank you. I go to horror movies to be removed from reality, not to wish I were in my living room.

Where is “The Exorcist” or the original or remake of “Hill House”  when you need them?  

At least “Drag Me To Hell” and “Final Destination” tried to maintain a vaguely sinister feel. These newer films just pretend they are part of reality.

If I want reality, I’ll watch a DVD. At home, in some comfort.

The rest of the audience, at the Stratford, east London, England Picture House, seemed to be getting into it much more than I did. They really need to get out more and have more fun.

Movies should transport you to another reality and not to a slightly grubbier living room.



  1. Well, I found it! Great stuff:keep it going.

  2. Thought I’d give it a miss. I missed Drag Me To Hell but must catch it; Evil Dead II is an easy contender for my top 10 films of all time.

    I’d sort of resolved to start doing (very) brief film reviews of my own every now and again over at but I have only got round to doing one so far. Maybe I will do more.

    Peace out!

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