Posted by: greercn | May 1, 2010

Date Night

Every so often, a movie comes along that lifts you up and makes you see the world differently. “Date Night” is not that movie. It’s awful. I wished I carried alcohol with me so that pleasant oblivion could have pulled me into a separate reality. Sadly, I do not carry alcohol.

It’s loud. It thinks it is wonderful. Why, I cannot even begin to imagine.

Steve Carell and Tina Fey have both been very funny – elsewhere. Here, you cannot even guess how or why they even are together, even for a few minutes. And you so wish they weren’t. Why do you have to watch them for so long? I would have walked out, except that the critic for a London newspaper – who gave it a good review – was snoring too loudly and I didn’t wish to wake him to share my misery in being blasted by the nonsense on screen. I couldn’t leave from the other side as two young women were chatting happily about bad dates they’d had. Their conversation was actually quite entertaining.

It makes “Couples Retreat” look like high art. I found myself wishing for the energy, fizz and chemistry of “True Lies”. Even the “danger” plot is deadly dull. The “cute” moments aren’t.

I do not wish to waste another minute on this. Don’t see it, even if it’s free. Heck, don’t see it if they pay you. It is beyond my capacity to think how this even got made.


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