Posted by: greercn | July 7, 2010


There are some very funny lines and Ben Stiller is much less annoying than usual. But it’s still an unappetising whole and I can’t recommend this movie to anyone, unless you are a diehard Ben Stiller fan.  In fact, I am struggling to say anything at all about this that isn’t just plain mean.

The plot, if one can call something this languid by that name, follows the titular New Yorker Greenberg through a few days mooching off his brother in Los Angeles, where he drifts from situation to situation. That’s about it, really.

A new star is born in Greta Gerwig, who just about managed to keep me awake (mostly) and paying attention. Rhys Ifans is great in this, but there is far too little of him here to keep me happy.

Noah Baumbach directs and gets the screenplay credit while Jennifer Jason Leigh wrote the story.  Frankly, it’s dull, apart from a few moments. I actually fell asleep twice and and I never do that.

In fact, I am going to skip tags and avoid further comment. Wash your hair instead of seeing this. If you don’t have hair, clean your scalp and examine your fingernails. I have had a run of seeing really terrific films lately. There was bound to be a dud sooner or later. This was it.


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