Posted by: greercn | September 20, 2010

The Other Guys

This genuinely funny comedy suffers from being unable to decide whether it’s a cop buddy movie, a spoof of that genre or a genuine attempt to say something relevant about financial scandals.   It entertains well and there are action scenes galore.

Running gags about girl band TLC, a routine about lions fighting tuna (not predictable and absolutely hilarious) and some winning lines about the Little River Band are just a few of the unlikely joys to be found here.

Adam McKay is not aiming for older women in his film demographic and I confess to sneering at some of his previous films, but this one grabbed my attention and kept it. He wrote the script with Chris Henchy and it is snappy and quick-paced.

Similarly, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are not actors who will get me into a movie – apart from Wahlberg’s “A Perfect Storm” – but they have a genuine chemistry here and are both enjoyable to watch.

To see Michael Keaton back in two major films (this and “Toy Story 3)  is  good. He plays a beleaguered police captain in New York and brings his usual charm and style to the screen.

Steve Coogan’s bad guy who is, of course, always English in American movies, has some great scenes with Anne Heche and with Ray Stevenson, who seems to be in everything I see but whose name I can never remember.

There is also some glorious stuff from Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson as the front line cops who get all the glory while Ferrell and Wahlberg do the backroom work of the title.

Eva Mendes is great. But there isn’t much room for women here. This is one for the boys, but it is still just about the funniest film I have seen in the last few months.  Another one like this and I shall have to stop sneering at Adam McKay.

Stick it out through the end credits and you will get a bonus scene from Ferrell and Wahlberg and credits that give you lots of facts about finance with a slightly preachy tone that is a little at odds with the film.

Kudos to Stratford Picture House for their £2.50 screenings for members on Mondays. It means I see quite a few movies I wouldn’t see otherwise. Usually, that’s a good thing and broadens my taste.



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