Posted by: greercn | December 28, 2010


It’s a frothy and sumptuous treat for those who love dancing.  Girls who enjoy girlie tales of love, music and dance will be happy here. Anyone else should stay away. There probably is no place here for boys. 

The sets, costumes and musical numbers are all lovely. Our small town girl – Christina Aguilera – arrives in LA from Iowa. She has a dream about singing and dancing  and making it big.  She goes to a bunch of auditions and ends up in a burlesque club, run by Cher and Stanley Tucci.

Can we guess the rest? I think we can.  But we can forgive the predictability of the plot so much for the loveliness of the set pieces. And what set pieces! Burlesque dance lives in the zone between titillation and ballet. There are loads of talented singers and dancers in this place.

Cher gives Christina a run for her money. Alan Cumming is brilliant as the master of ceremonies, reprising his “Cabaret” persona. Kristen Bell is wonderful as the second lead, in terms of dancing and singing.

If you adore Cher – and I do – there is a big song by her that will curl your hair. Too much has been written about Cher’s cosmetic surgery, but that ignores her pure talent. Nobody – not even Celine – owns a ballad like Cher does.

Director Steve Antin manages his stars well.  He reigns them in and puts the movie together.

It’s not a big picture. But it has joy and comfort and the sparse Stratford Picture House audience loved it.  Having said that, I don’t think it will linger long. Do see it while you can.



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Burlesque! I would have to agree with this review. It’s a feel good film with attitude that reminds me of Chicago when it was live on Broadway in the West End. Christina is very believable when she is begging for a chance to perform at the burlesque club and Cher is amazing as the woman who runs the show. It’s very instant and very electric – I would definitely watch this again!

    • I enjoyed watching it with you! Rereading my blog piece, I should have mentioned that Cam Gigandet as Jack and Eric Dane as Marcus were both good-looking and believable. Cam has an exercise DVD out. I may look for it on Amazon.

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