Posted by: greercn | April 20, 2011


Utterly charming 3D animation makes this entertaining for the whole family. There’s a blue Macaw parrot – cerulean if you need to know the exact shade – and Blue is owned by a young woman who runs a bookshop. I cannot emphasise enough how great it is that the main “humans” are a bookshop owner and an ornithologist (bird expert).

It’s stunning to look at. The range of birds and creatures means that the longest end credits in the movie go to “Materials, Fur and Feathers”. With a big sountrack and dance production numbers worthy of Busby Berkeley, you get lots of great 3D effects and some fantastic birds eye views of Rio.

Blue goes missing. Bad guys want to sell him. He’s an endangered parrot and meets his mate. Everyone goes to the Rio Carnival.

If you are bringing young children, there is nothing here that will worry them. Adults will enjoy it too.

Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg are the big star voices, but there is a real ensemble feeling about each animated character having an appropriate voice. All the elements of the plot being resolved very nicely and the voices and characters are all terrific. It’s both funny and moving.

I recommend it, if you have young children or if you are very much in touch with your own inner child.


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