Posted by: greercn | June 18, 2011

Green Lantern (2011)

So many people told me to skip this that I nearly did. That would have been a terrible mistake. I enjoyed it a great deal. So did everyone else watching it.

Yes, there are long bits of hokey dialogue. Mr Script has real weaknesses. But on the “wow” side of the equation, you will believe a man can fly. In a plane or with with the help of super-powers, the magic of flight has rarely been more powerfully shown than it is here.

Ryan Reynold was excellent in “Buried” and “The Proposal” and he brings that mix of deep intensity and comic timing to his super-hero turn. Yup, he argues that the  “Green Lantern” ring should not have chosen him. He is not worthy, he says. The power of the Green Lantern has other ideas.

Other worlds and alien beings are well drawn. From the first whooshing scenes, you are thrown into a daredevil set of stunts that take your breath away. I gasped.

Being at Cineworld in West India Quay made for comfy seats and big space. The audience was packed in and enjoyed the ride.

DC comics have not had the attention that Marvel has received lately. Maybe Marvel has influenced film-makers and that has changed how these comic book movies are made. For whatever reason, this felt like a well-structured movie with a clear plot and strong characters.

Okay, the weak link is the very pretty Blake Lively (“Gossip Girl”) who fails to convince. Tim Robbins, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong and the voice of Geoffrey Rush put in strong turns. It’s a picture for boys rather than for girls. Who cares? It’s a fabulous amusement park ride that proves life is a carnival – or, at least, this movie is.

Suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride. I will be buying the DVD and enjoying every minute again and again. I won’t love all the dialogue. That’s what the fast forward buttons are for. The funny bits and the bits between the big action set pieces are all very loveable.

The box office is proving the critics wrong. I am with the box office on this one. My friend said he enjoyed it much more than he expected to and he is WAY more discerning than me on these things.

Director Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”) has made a film for comic and action movie lovers rather  than for the critics. Hooray! Travel to other planets with the help of Green Lantern, watch a fantastic alien threaten our planet and see some great alien life forms. Angela Bassett is a bit wasted as a government scientist, but she keeps a nice sense of threat from our own kind going.

There’s a lot of stuff about will, fear and the courage of humanity. If you want more of that, you’ll read books. You’re here for the big action and the very cool 3D, aren’t you? I know I am. The 3D preserves and enhances the rather fabulous sense of alien life. Do see it. You’ll have fun.


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