Posted by: greercn | June 29, 2011

The Hangover – 2

Surreal experiences of my life include seeing this as a freebie in Islington – just couldn’t be bothered to blog on it as I had lost the will to live before the end credits – and seeing this again with French dialogue in Verviers in Belgium at the Cinepoint. It was a film festival. It was next door to my hotel. The ticket was ridiculously cheap. I had eaten the best chocolate mousse I ever had anywhere and had three hours to kill.

I laboured under a misapprehension. I had no idea that “Very Bad Trip 2” (really, that’s the “French” title) would be “Hangover 2” again. I had seen all the French and Belgian and German films on offer.

As the paradise scenes opened, I literally felt my heart go clunk. ****, I thought, I am watching “Hangover 2” again.

Okay, my brain was dulled by dessert and by wine. But, honestly , if you have to see this, see it in French. It’s WAY funnier than it is in English. The dialogue doesn’t sparkle, but it kind of shimmers.

Bradley Cooper is cuter in French. Heck, Zach Galfianiakis is cuter in French. The severed finger and the monkey plot and jokes border the land of the ironic in French.

Huge comfortable seats cushioned my bottom. The audience were just wonderfully well-behaved and so very quiet. It felt like being in a pre-mobile phone age. You forget this is the land of pedophile scandals and appreciate the calm and knowing how to behave in public thing.

Ken Jeong is glorious because he is such a great actor with superb comic timing.

Paul Giamatti, Mike Tyson and Ed Helms are WAY funnier in French than they are in English.

Are there women here? Yes, but they died of shame, just for being present.

Lovely Thai scenery helps. But it’s not as good as “The Hangover” (I cringe as I write that I know that) and – hey boys – this note’s for you, not for me. There is no space for girls here.

Todd Phillips knows his audience and he panders to them. This puts his soul in danger, but that’s his issue and not mine.

If you have to see this, find the French-dubbed DVD. You will thank me.


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