Posted by: greercn | August 30, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Blessed are they who expect very little for they shall not be disappointed. If you think of this as a cool take on Westerns and outer space invasion films and keep your expectations modest, you will enjoy this.

If, on the other hand, you think Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde should make for a mega blockbuster, skip this. It is, essentially, a B grade 1950s movie disguised as a 2011 big budget film.

I love Westerns. Homage is paid in all kinds of ways. All that’s missing is my beloved Clint Eastwood with a Stetson hat.

As for the aliens, wow! I am more than a tad fed up with crustaceans as movie aliens and it’s nice to get a return to classic Doctor Who/traditional forms of large metal things with evil intentions.

There is no disguising that it all feels decidedly retro and like a return to simpler movie values.

Gosh, I nearly forgot the plot. Mind you, so does director Jon Favreau. Daniel Craig awakes in the desert with a weird bracelet on his arm which may be connected to outer space creatures.  Harrison Ford is just one of many townspeople who would like to figure out where their loved ones are disappearing to. Olivia Wilde is terminally pretty and will die of it, one day.

I am more than a little in love with Olivia’s nose which could go solo and still be a beautiful being.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. So did everyone else watching it. I may even buy the DVD as so much of the love of westerns shines through the hokum. There is some terrific action and the chases are wonderful.

But it won’t trouble my list of best five movies of the year. See it if you love Westerns and aliens. And Olivia.


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