Posted by: greercn | September 5, 2011

Troll Hunter

“Troll Hunter” is a very entertaining and exceptionally funny treat. If you know a little bit about trolls, you will probably get more out of it as it does have very sly digs at Nordic myths about them.

Even with the subtitles, you will roll around laughing. The English subtitles are very good.

Much of the humour is visual and original. I can’t think of another Norwegian film I have seen, but I will try and find a few. The droll, troll and completely offbeat mean there must be other films that could give the same joy.

As I keep being critical about “Blair Witch”-style hand-held cameras, you should know that this movie uses exactly the same techniques, but they actually work here. None of this feels amateurish or jerky.

There is quite a lot of standard camera technique here as well and it all blends together beautifully.

The plot concerns students who become interested in a hunter of bears. They are making a documentary. The framing device of the student film makes the jerky camera work feel plausible. The photography is high quality and pulls you into the scenes.

It turns out that he is not looking for bears, but for dangerous trolls.

Norway is extraordinary and luscious mountains and fjords are used as backgrounds to the search for trolls.

Yes, the creatures are probably mostly CGI-created but they are terrific fun.

Director and co-writer Andre Ovredal (there should be a line through that “O”) has crafted a fabulous fest of nasty creatures and those who seek to stop them from damaging humans.

Otto Jespersen stands out in a strong ensemble cast.

Greenwich Picturehouse was packed. It’s a good thing there were subtitles, because the laughter drowned out some of the soundtrack, at times.

I loved it. I want it on DVD. I will never look at Smurfs the same way again. And I won’t leave any live goats or stage an eating contest anywhere near trolls.


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