Posted by: greercn | November 5, 2011

Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached

I saw both these utterly forgettable movies in one afternoon and I am having some difficulty telling them apart. Therefore, they rate one blog post.

“Strings” has Natalie Portman and “Friends” features Mila Kunis so your preference will probably depend on which of the gals you liked best in “Black Swan”

In 2009, a delightful indie film called (note the cute little parentheses) “Friends (With Benefits)” was fun. If you have no clue what that title means, ask any teenager.

The sparky and extremely funny original is a low-budget treat and worth seeing.

Both new films share one premise; can friends sleep together and remain friends, free of the drama of relationships?

Duh. Doh. You probably guessed Hollywood’s answer to that question.

Any distinguishing marks? Patricia Clarkson as Mila’s mother in the new “Friends With Benefits” is just utterly wonderful in anything. She redeems this movie, almost.

And Justin Timberlake proves, via this, “Social Network” and “Bad Teacher” that he really can act. You almost forget he started in a cool boy band

Ashton Kutcher plays the non-boyfriend in “Strings”. His father is played by Kevin Kline who is very good, but is a little wasted on this picture. Greta Gerwig is here and funny too, but that doesn’t make it a good film.

If you have a spare afternoon and the subject interests you, do rent both and let them blur into one. If you want the trailers, go to YouTube. I am not losing another minute on either of these tales.

Neither of them has that romcom spark I so enjoyed in “Last Chance Harvey”.

Both these new movies will make you laugh, but not very much and not for long. They are both in the fast food section of films for me and, apart from the utterly wonderful and beautiful Patricia and the rather gorgeous Mila, they won’t go to my top 10 list of anything.


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