Posted by: greercn | November 22, 2011

The Future

Let’s get that pesky question of “should you see it” out of the way first. No way. I have suffered so you don’t have to. I have no idea how long this went on for, but it felt like forever.

After the delightful, original and quirky 2005 movie “Me And You And Everyone We Know”, I became a big Miranda July fan. That offbeat tale of a daft performance artist – think Liza Minnelli in “Sterile Cuckoo” – made me look forward to her next movie. Miranda kept me waiting.   

Unfortunately, Miranda has been hit by the self-indulgence fairy in the meantime. That fairy should have hidden better.

Sophie (our Miranda) and Jason (Hamish Linklater) are adrift in modern Los Angeles. Their apartment is small and messy and that’s meant to be an analogy for their lives. I studied film, so I know that.

The alternative sets are sterile, both at the vet’s and at the upmarket suburban home Sophie visits – or not, since it’s unclear which are the dream sequences and which are the “real” events.

There’s a talking cat who acts as Greek chorus and narrator and a rather lovely speaking moon. The beach looks good.

It all means something deep about the alienation of modern life and the difficulty of forming lasting relationships.

Not even the gorgeous setting of the Notting Hill Gate Picturehouse could redeem this very annoying film. At least I was physically comfortable in my red velvet armchair.

I never fall asleep in movies but I came close, somewhere during Sophie’s dance routine.

Buy, borrow or rent the infinitely superior “Me” and stay away from “The Future”. Watching another film in the present is a much more rewarding experience.

Miranda July is an original and I hope she makes more movies like “Me” but never strays into this type of art house nonsense again. Keep the cat and the moon and add a dish running away with a spoon and I will like that a lot better.



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