Posted by: greercn | December 18, 2011

Best 10 Movies of 2011

Here is my list for 2011:

1) Hereafter: Yet again, Clint Eastwood pulls at my heart with a wonderful and imaginative movie. It’s about what happens after we die. This is beautiful to watch and Matt Damon has never been better.

2) Source Code: Duncan Jones directed the fantastic film “Moon” in 2009 and I think this is even better. You are pulled along with the story.

3) Tintin: I loved it, the friend I went with loved it and anyone who doesn’t love it is wrong.

4) Haevnen/In A Better World: Just for once, Oscar got the award for best foreign film right. Subtitled but communicates so many universal truths.

5) Jane Eyre: The best adaptation of Charlotte Bronte I have ever seen. There are so many delicate and magical performances here.

6) Incendies: In any other year, this Canadian movie would have won the foreign language Oscar but Haevnen pips this to the post, for Oscar and for me. It’s a classic Greek tragedy that is hard to watch but brilliant.

7) 13 Assassins: Packs a lot in and is just visually stunning.

8) Weekend: This is a little picture that is about a very moving gay love story. It says a lot that’s universal about love. (No matter how I edit, I get a smiley face where number 8 should be. For smiley face, please see number eight.)

9) Melancholia: The story gripped me and the images stay with me.

10) Troll Hunter: I have rarely laughed so hard through a movie. Original and swooshes you in from the first frame


Drive: I love Ryan Gosling but this bored me to sleep. Hangover 2 dubbed into French amused me more. I did discover every function of my new phone while I was watching “Drive” so at least I didn’t waste any of my time. So many people I respect liked “Drive” and I can’t figure out why. If I ever have trouble sleeping, I will buy this DVD.


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