Posted by: greercn | December 19, 2011

Sherlock Holmes – Game of Shadows

As sequels go, this is well above the usual standard and true to many of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The stunts, chases and period flavour of the 1890s are all good.

However, the audience got restless about 45 minutes in. It’s easy to see this at Stratford Picturehouse because all the phones start glowing in the dark. People are doing apps and texting like their lives depend on it.

The problem with this is it lacks the heart and mind of the Sherlock Holmes movie of 2009. That fizzed with innovation and was just lovely. This has some great moments,  but these are only moments.

While Robert Downey, Junior and Jude Law are present and correct, the absence of much screen time of Rachel McAdams is keenly felt. Yes, I know Iwas critical of her in the original,  but I was wrong.

Noomi Rapace is one of my favourite actresses. She is excellent in this, but, oddly, she and Downey have no chemistry at all. Boy, does that absence undercut everything that happens here.

Jared Harris is wonderful as Moriarty and yet he lacks any real  sense of evil. He is cuddly when Moriarty should be threatening.

Stephen Fry plays Mycroft Holmes and Kelly Reilly is Mary Watson yet, unless you are a diehard fan of either of them, you just don’t care much.

The Stratford Picturehouse screen was less than a third full, which is never  good sign on the second day of a film showing there.

The train, shoooting and Reichenbach Falls scenes are when this film is at its best. It channels the essence of the Holmes story and mythology at these times.

But cars in  1891? In London? Let’s not be silly. Even if you dive in through the anachronisms, you will be a little annoyed.

Guy Ritchie directs again and, while he has the breakneck pace correct – he is good on guns and the manufacture of weapons – you just don’t get very involved.

The gypsy scenes are very cool, if a tad contrived through modern lenses. 

Oh, I wanted to love this. I hoped it would trouble and revise my top 10 of 2011.

It doesn’t. Shame. See it and argue with me. I long to see some worth in this.



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