Posted by: greercn | April 23, 2012

The Cabin In The Woods

The Oscar for “best use of Latin” in a movie would definitely go to “The Cabin In The Woods”. As this is purely a fantasy category, that won’t happen.

I was expecting a sub-“Blair Witch”. Instead, I got the most original and delightful horror film I have seen in a very long time.

Genuine chills and an innovative background story pay homage to old themes and forms, while placing classical archetypes in a reality TV context. Sort of. There are so many twists and turns that to say much more would be to give away the best bits.

If you like horror movies, you HAVE to see this. It manages to combine the feel of graphic novels with a quite camp and almost soap opera means of execution. And, yes, there are spectacular executions, with no place here for the very squeamish.

The Stratford Picturehouse audience adored it, with a couple of noisy exceptions. Fortunately, the people who (loudly) found it too much decided to leave. I almost cheered.

All the rest of us just enjoyed the ride. I didn’t see any of the twists coming and these were genuinely shocking.

A super sense of humour dominates all the action too. The production values – Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon share responsibility – are really very gorgeous.

There is the feel of the the “Buffy” and “Angel” team running through the credits and that usually adds a great deal of originality to the horror form.

Five kids go off to a cabin in the woods. The cabin has secrets. Technical people are watching and manipulating the experiences the five kids go through.

You will be scared out of your wits and you won’t see what the next scene might offer. Just when I was fearing I had seen everything, in the movies, I see something brand new.

Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) is the best-known of the cast. US TV viewers will recognise Kristen Connolly and Anna Hutchison.

The extraordinary casting success is Fran Kranz as Marty, who has all the funniest lines. You need to have some tolerance for humour about soft drugs to appreciate his terrific performance. He wowed me.

Vancouver, Canada and the area near Vancouver are all just beautiful and the gorgeousness of the setting sets up the horror scenes well.

The creatures are superb.

I love it. You will too.


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