Posted by: greercn | May 9, 2012


The cute title might put you off. “Dinotasia”? “Fantasia” for creatures that walked the earth 65 million years ago?

Well, sort of. It’s basically a CGI vision of what dinosaurs might have looked like and how they might have behaved.

I know that the Disney-like way of seeing animals – making them like us – rules the movies, but I find this easier to handle in cartoons than in a semi-documentary film, albeit partly speculative. After all, the Discovery Channel and Picturehouse made this.

Having offered that caveat, this is entertaining, especially if:

a) You have ever longed to know what dinosaurs do when they take hallucinogenic drugs

b) Watching dinosaurs have sex is your idea of a good time

c) You’re a little in love with the bonkers genius that is Werner Herzog.

Werner narrates and you may find yourself wondering about the subtle differences between his voice and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. Is Arnie’s a little lower? Still, Werner’s passion for the subject carries the film.

The reconstructions of each type of dinosaur and each place are visually stunning. The music is exceptional and enhances the scenes you see. When a dinosaur eats the magic mushrooms, you see it through his eyes. Each tail swish has charming detail and each baby being born looks extraordinary.

So, if you love dinosaurs and if you get a chance to see this at the beautiful Notting Hill Gate Picturehouse, do grab a ticket. I enjoyed it and probably learned some things I didn’t know before. It’s unusual and eccentric, but highly watchable.

Tenerife, standing in for many prehistoric countries, does look very lovely.



  1. I was a BIG fan of the Discovery Channel US version that I watched on TV many months ago and have eagerly been wanting to see this movie-edit version. Can you describe, in order as best as you can, what scenes happened (as in which dinosaur segments were shown). If you don’t know the names, just describe what it looked like and what was going on. Nerdy/strange request, I know, but I have no idea when this will be released in the US and have been dieing to know for some time. 🙂 You can e-mail the details if you prefer rather than have a big block of text commented below. Thanks! 🙂

    • Sorry, Derrick, but I really can’t remember it in enough detail. There are scenes set in different times which make different points. You can probably gt the information you need by using a search engine to find the movie website and contact details for the producers, who could give you this level of detail.

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