Posted by: greercn | May 28, 2012

Iron Sky

Between this and that “Transformers” film, perhaps we should stay away from the dark side of the moon. Danger lurks there.

“Iron Sky” is a science fiction movie. After WW2, the remaining Nazis have decamped to the moon and built up a new army of people and flying saucers. From there, they plot domination of the earth.   Various space missions have missed spotting them, until two intrepid heroes are sent on a mission by a Sarah Palin-like US President.

They  manage to see the enormous swastika-shaped camp. Nasty events ensue. Earth is invaded.

Part of the hype around this movie has been built by having limited numbers of showings in different cities. If you follow a lot of film social network sites – or know people who do – you may be aware that this marketing work has been controversial.

I won two tickets in a Facebook competition set up by the team at the Prnce Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square. Thank you, PCC.  I thoroughly enjoyed everything, except the queuing and I even managed to chat with interesting people there.

The sold-out cinema crowd loved every minute, but the muttering started as the audience left.I overheard “that could have been funnier” and “they didn’t make the most of that” a few times as I walked away, afterwards, with a friend.

I have a particular soft spot for wildly-improbable and very silly science fiction. And it really doesn’t take much for me to enjoy a movie, especially if it’s funny and the laughs appeal to me.

My friend makes terrific films and he had quite a lot of detailed and intelligent criticisms afterwards. Yes, opportunities to take the jokes further are wasted. Jokes are too often racist and crass and these do dent the enjoyment of the viewer. The sexy bits just aren’t sexy.

The central premise and story line have holes in their plotting as big as those in the asteroid belt. Setting it all in 2018 seems pointless, when everyone is in present-day clothes and the buildings and rooms are current.

I found it incredibly entertaining and my friend didn’t. Audience reaction will be mixed. Overall, I found it refreshing and fun.

Finnish director Timo Vuorensola is new to me and I quite like the way he brings in nods to history, homage to war films and slick gags about conspiracy theories on space travel.

Some scenes use Western conventions about showdowns and those work well with the military themes. As with “The Dictator”, there are a few nice nods to “The Great Dictator”.

Poor old New York City. Isn’t anywhere else worth invading? 

Of the actors, Udo Kier, Stephanie Paul and Christopher Kirby stay in my memory but Julia Dietze, Gotz Otto and others in the ensemble have wild and glorious moments.

I probably won’t buy the DVD. But I will watch it again when, inevitably, it appears on TV. The music is terrific – the director is in a metal band – and the lack of 3D makes the whole have a curiously light look and shimmer.

Go see it, if you can. It’s a weird and wonderful mix of genres that felt fresh and original, to me.



  1. Great review! I enjoyed it in parts for being such an oddity, but the plot holes are still driving me crazy….

    • I’ve just noticed that the DVD is out today and I am wondering if I liked it enough to buy it. Probably not, but I am glad I saw it. The plot holes didn’t bother me as much as they bothered you, probably because I see too many movies. Thanks for coming along with me and thank you for the comment.

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