Posted by: greercn | June 18, 2012

Your Sister’s Sister

“Your Sister’s Sister” is a very charming romantic comedy, despite having an annoyingly tricksy title and moments that cloy.

Iris (Emily Blunt) and Jack (Mark Duplass) are friends from U Dub. That’s the University of Washington, in America’s beautiful Pacific north west, near the border with Canada.

Iris used to go out with Tom, Jack’s brother. Tom has died. Iris sends a bereft and confused Jack to her dad’s cottage, on an island which is a ferry ride away from Seattle.

This is meant to provide an isolated break for Jack, to clear his thoughts, but Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt), playing the sister of Iris, has gone to the house to get over her own grief.

In a horror movie, this would be the start of each of the characters dying horribly, having wandered off alone. In this independent film, directed and written by Lynn Shelton, it’s the start of a very talkie wander through beautiful scenery, with lots of clever chat about life.

This free screening for members of Stratford Picturehouse was fairly full and most people enjoyed it.

There is something about Emily Blunt that fails to engage my emotions. Still, she is very good here and you believe the various relationships and complex histories of the characters.

And it’s a clever script, with lots of humour of the wry/dry variety and  a nice touch with visual gags.

The soundtrack, mostly by Vince Smith is original and enhances the story.

I accept that there is a really good attempt here to subvert and reinvent romcom conventions and the writing and acting are all very good.

One of the twists was truly annoying and felt, for me, just the wrong side of icky.

Yet there is lots to discuss here and real depth. I should feel warmer towards  it. But I just don’t.


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