Posted by: greercn | August 29, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

A Bourne film without Jason Bourne? Except that there is an occasional photo of Matt Damon as Bourne? Why?

Bits of this are wonderful, but far too much of it drags and made me feel sleepy.

There are some fantastic scenes that are meant to be in Alaska but are clearly in Canada. I did watch the credits to double check.

It’s a quibble. The races and chases through ice and snow, complete with wolves, are really very special.

And just about the best motorcycle chase ever put on film makes the last part of the movie utterly amazing. Trouble is, that race seems to come from a completely different film.

The plot, basically, is that the American secret service has been experimenting with minds. The guinea pigs are people and they are dying.

Enter Jeremy Renner as a laboratory experiment who prefers not to die. He enlists the assistance of Rachel Weisz, a scientist who would also prefer not to die.

They dash from place to place with lots of people chasing them. Once in a long while, there is a little homily on the dangers of genetic experimentation and some icky work with blood.

Albert Finney, Joan Allen, Edward Norton and Stacy Keach are also in this and I do hope they were very well paid.

If you are a Bourne completist, you will enjoy about an hour of the running time and be puzzled by the rest. If you actually understand why someone screams at a picture of Jason Bourne every 20 minutes or so, do make a comment and enlighten me.

What does it all mean? I fear I will never know.

I will go see any chase scenes in movies Tony Gilroy directs as these are just gorgeous.

Most of the Stratford Picturehouse people loved the same bits I did – they stopped chomping popcorn temporarily – but chatted during the bits that made my mind wander.


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