Posted by: greercn | September 29, 2012


Do you love a good conspiracy theory? Of course, you do! What, you don’t? Well, you will still enjoy the gorgeous look, great action sequences and snappy dialogue in “Savages”.

Oliver Stone is the main man when lovers of “Homeland” and “The Wire” go see a flick on the big screen. Yes, there is a lot of violence here but it passes quickly and you can just see this as an entertaining off-beat tale of love, drugs and money, if you want.

Oliver would prefer you to see it as a stark warning about why soft drugs should be legal. Otherwise, needless violence takes place.

Alcohol is legal and that seems to cause a fair amount of havoc. So the logic here is imperfect.

So, park your logic at the ticket kiosk and just enjoy the ride.

Sunny southern California is the setting for a lovely threesome of drug growers and dealers. All is well in this growing and smoking heaven until the evil Mexican cartel – great to see that Brits are not the bad guys here – threatens our heroes’ happy idyll.

Theleads grow high-quality drugs! They look terrific! They hang out in beautiful places and drive wonderful cars. How could the bad guys want to hurt them? It’s like running Bambi’s mother over – oh, wait, that did actually happen.

The wages of sin look very tempting indeed when Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson and Blake Lively are enjoying the spoils. If you like soft porn, you’ll enjoy the superb bodies that frolic in soft and pink lighting.

In Oliver-land, there is always a price to pay for sinning. Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek are absolutely terrific as the main evil cartel types. And John Travolta puts in a superb performance.

Will you like it? Everyone at the Stratford Picturehouse did although the older people were a lot more restless than the young folk.

I like car chases, explosions and mindless prettiness, so I had a very good time here.

Ten minutes later, I had forgotten the whole story. If you want your movies served with a little light philosophy and loads of gorgeous folks with a few truly tense thriller moments, this will pass the time very well.

The soundtrack is excellent and enhances the action.

Other films I have seen recently but do not have the desire to do a whole piece on:

“The Watch”: Don’t watch this.

“Ted”: I have a special place in my heart for teddy bears. I want this teddy to be slowly unstuffed, to put me out of my misery at seeing this. I nearly gnawed my finger off.

“Anna Karenina”: All very pretty, but I just want to push her under a train, during the starting credits. Everyone else loved it and sighed a lot, so it’s just me feeling this way.

“Taken 2”: I did a review for Cinetalk, which you can find online, if you want to read it.


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