Posted by: greercn | October 2, 2012

Killing Them Softly

A couple of crooks join forces with another bad guy to steal money from yet another set of bad guys. Retribution is terrible and quick, although you will rarely view such pretty slow motion executions as you see here.

“Killing Them Softly” happens in a dystopic near-future where economic times are even harder than now. As a sidebar, film-makers in 2012 are really negative about the future. If this trend spreads to Disney, expect Bambi’s mother’s death to take about 20 minutes and feature blood splattered everywhere.

It’s a movie that works hard to say something very deep about the American Dream and alienation. Speeches from a variety of US politicians play in the background and are occasionally the focus of the action.

Everyone smokes cigarettes, everywhere and drug-taking is beyond casual and into the mandatory.

It takes forever for anyone to die. Those slow scenes of glass and blood making fractal patterns in dark and light will be very difficult to erase from my brain.

Brad Pitt and Ray Liotta command their scenes, but James Gandolfini is extraordinary and seems to come from another movie altogether. It’s worth sitting through just to see Tony Soprano play a few more moments on the screen.

Sam Shepard and Richard Jenkins – who is in everything I see recently and very good in this – also have super scenes.

Based on a George V Higgins book and directed by Andrew Dominik, do see this if you have a strong stomach and like film noir with a modern touch.

It left me humming that Roberta Flack/Fugees song that is so very close to the title. The boys at the Stratford Picturehouse liked it a lot more than the girls did.

As crime films go, this one features a lot of chat and epic punishments. I don’t regret seeing it and there are original ways of filming here, but I am struggling with the idea that there is a deeper message here that I just don’t get.


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