Posted by: greercn | November 8, 2012

London On Screen – Mysteries Of London

The London Screen Study Collection at Birkbeck College, with the help of Stratford Picturehouse, is showing a superb series of movies set in London that are individually very entertaining and all are worth seeing.

Last night,  the 2001 “From Hell” was shown. I have only seen this on TV, before and it did benefit from being seen on a big screen.

Yes, Johnny Depp and Heather Graham’s Brit accents suffer a little from the “Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins” effect. Still, Albert and Allen Hughes’ take on the Jack The Ripper story is always engrossing and shifts between posh and poor London, to great effect. Ironically, most of the movie was filmed in Prague.

Innovative camera techniques produce fantastic surreal effects.

The films are free for students and cheap for everyone else. Full details are available on the Stratford Picturehouse website and there is a link to that from this page.

On November 14th, the very wonderful “V is for Vendetta” will be shown. The Occupy movement cites this as an inspiration and the effects come alive on a big screen. On November 21st, “Franklyn” is on. Both screenings are at Stratford Picturehouse.


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