Posted by: greercn | November 16, 2012

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

If you love the Twilight movies, this will give you everything you need in terms of resolution. You can just continue sneering and feeling superior, if you hate them.

Personally, I’m a TwiMedium rather than a TwiHard. The first Twilight book was left on the seat next to me on a train I was on from Manchester to London in June 2009. The book wowed me and the series provided lots of fun.

So, I’m a fan. Not a big enough fan to fly to Los Angeles or camp out at the premiere, but enough to go see the last film on the first day of release.

Was it worth it? Sigh. Deeper sigh. Deepest sigh. Reader, me and the many TwiHards – all about 12-years-old and female – adored it.

Plot? Okay, there is one. Bella (Kristen Stewart) became a vampire and a mother in Part 1. Daughter Renesmee (surely the silliest name ever) is played by lots of people, but Mackenzie Foy is the half-mortal half-vampire older kiddie, with the correct half-smile to match her parentage.

Edward (Robert Pattinson) wants to protect his family and live in peace but the evil Volturi, led by a very camp Michael Sheen, have other ideas.

Taylor Lautner loves Baby Cullen in a slightly creepy way, but he does take his clothes off – not in front of baby – but in front of Bella’s dad, Charlie (Billy Burke, woefully underused), who provides the main human content among the vampires and werewolves.

Being a vampire or a werewolf seems to mean that you get to be very beautiful and wear quite hip clothes. Vampire sex looks a little dull.

Canada’s West and the mountains look utterly lovely and everyone lives in a magnificent home.

This habit of breaking the last book into two seems to be prevalent, in the style of Harry Potter. I do feel that both Breaking Dawn movies could have been combined into one without any meaning being lost, but that’s clearly not how the TwiHards at the Stratford Picturehouse felt. They cheered the stars in the end credits. I almost got carried away and joined them.

I predict that Renesmee will be a very popular name, in about ten years.



  1. This review confirms everything I feared about this latest (and hopefully last) installment. No, I’m not a fan – I only watched the first one out of curiosity but what little hope I had melted when Edward started sparkling. No, I won’t be going to watch this one.

  2. Thanks for the comment, David. I think you speak for many people! Basically, this is a series you just like or don’t like.

    • Oh yes, it’s definitely going to be a marmite movie!

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