Posted by: greercn | November 18, 2012

Silver Linings Playbook

If you have ever been depressed or know anyone who has mental health issues, this offbeat romcom will bring you real insight and a lot of pure fun.

Heck, even if you are a chirpy cheery moron, you’ll enjoy it.

Yes, it’s a stupid title for a movie. Even after seeing it, I only have an intuitive grasp of what it might mean.

But Bradley Cooper is just amazing as Pat, newly released from a psychiatric facility and trying to rebuild his life. Jennifer Lawrence is equally magnificent as Tiffany, a young widow with her own mental health issues.

And how fabulous is it to see Robert De Niro as Bradley’s father? Still the most beautiful and intelligent actor in the world. Deepest sigh. (Sorry, Clint Eastwood. I love you, really).

I went to a free  screening for members at Stratford Picturehouse and everyone there loved it.

Jackie Weaver is superb as Pat’s mother. Chris Tucker is a hoot as friend Danny. And you will throroughly enjoy Anupam Kher as Dr Patel.

Julia Styles, Shea Wigham and Brea Bee are the other gorgeous cast members who shine, although all are wonderful here.

And how many movies teach you new details about betting, dancing and running? There is learning here.

Ably directed by David O Russell, the soundtrack fizzes with joy.

Every parent everywhere will rejoice about how parents are portrayed.

See it. You’ll thank me.



  1. I’ve not seen this film but I thoroughly intend to, moreso after reading this review. It looks like a great story, directed and acted well by all involved, which will make it stand out from the rest of the films on show at the moment.

    With a similar subject matter (but approached in a completely different manner) I do recommend people watch Mental too, directed by PJ Hogan before it disappears from general release.

    • It’s a great and original film. I highly recommend it. Thanks for the comment!

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