Posted by: greercn | December 3, 2012

A Special Screening – and Reviews

If Air Canada and London’s Heathrow Airport could organise perfectly, I would have missed out on a wonderful set of experiences. Because the “fast bag drop off” was interminably slow, I turned to my right and said “It looks like we will be here for some time to come. Hi. I’m Greer and I’m going to Montreal”.

Mark Stokes said: “Hi, I’m Mark” and thus began my involvement with a superb documentary about outsider artist Henry Darger. Now, Mark’s film, which was shown in Montreal at the FIFA festival of films about art, will be shown in London at noon on Sunday, December 16th at the Gate Picturehouse in Notting Hill Gate, London.

The film is called “Revolutions of the Night: The Enigma of Henry Darger” and I can promise you that it’s provocative and engaging, with its strands about art done in private, Henry’s time in a mental asylumfor kids, his passion about protecting children – never more relevant – and Mark’s incredible eye for the details that make all this come to life.

Believe me. I see hundred of films each year. This is an amazing documentary; it’s my best of 2012.

This special screening will be followed by a question and answer session with Mark, co-producer Robert McNab and Wayne Balmer, writer of a haunting soundtrack and co-producer.

I declare an interest here. Mark and Petra Stokes have become very good friends, since I met Mark in March and I am chairing the question and answer session which will follow the film.

Over the last year, I have organised quite a lot of special events. My heart is really in this one. You can read my original review and interview with Mark via the search facility on this website or you can see the exclusive I did for Cinetalk about the film, which they are publishing this week.

While you are on Cinetalk, you can see my reviews of way too many other movies, should you wish to:

If you are in London, here’s a chance to participate in a very special event. I promise you will never regret it.

Here is a longer trailer:

To be certain of booking a ticket or two – here is the link:


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