Posted by: greercn | March 3, 2013


It’s the closest you’ll get to a new Hitchcock film as the master of suspense is dead. And if you enjoy Korean and Japanese horror movies, there is a lot to savour here too.

Mia Wasikowska has had a good year with “Jane Eyre” and “Lawless”. Here, she plays India Stoker. India’s dad has just died and she’s struggling with finding a new relationship with mom Evelyn, who is Nicole Kidman in full cuckoo/femme fatale mode.

The women are forming an uneasy peace when Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) comes to stay.

I haven’t seen any of Korean director Chan-wook Park’s films but he has a very distinctive visual style. There is a scene in which Nicole Kidman’s hair turns into long grass that is astonishingly beautiful and original.

The three leads are good and the ever-wonderful Jacki Weaver and Dermot Mulroney have superb bit parts.

It’s all a bit too Southern-fried Gothic for my tastes and can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be an all out horror film, a murder mystery, a tale of incest or a musing on becoming an adult. Throughout, death goes on around the family.

I felt a little disappointed watching this as I really wanted to adore it, but found sections plodding and predictable. Still, I often felt the same way about Hitchcock films, so that’s just me.

A very full Stratford East Picturehouse audience absolutely adored it and were buzzing with questions about what it all might mean, afterwards.

It’s a must see – Park announces himself as a real talent to watch – but it left me with many questions, afterwards. There is a super tense atmosphere sustained through the whole thing and it does bring a new dimension to the horror/murder/psychological thriller genre.

See it, as everyone who does will be discussing it for some time to come.



  1. Love this film ! 😛

  2. I’m really excited to see this film, we won’t get it for a while in NZ so thanks for the great review without spoilers!

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I really liked it – one of my favourites of the year so far!

    • I liked parts of it and think it’s original and worth seeing. But I can’t say I liked it a lot. Maybe I need to see it again!

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