Posted by: greercn | March 18, 2013

Welcome To The Punch

Do you like British gangster/crime caper/cop movies? Here’s another one. It seems like we only make costume dramas and grisly tales of people being shot at.

But lots and lots of mindless violence – on the screen – is what I was in the mood for today, so off I went to Stratford East Picturehouse to see “Welcome To The Punch”.

Mark Strong plays a criminal and James McAvoy plays the policeman pledged to bring him down. Peter Mullan is excellent, as he always is and there is a lot of shooting, car and motorcycle chases and a foray into the world of shipping containers.

You also get an attempt at a wildly elaborate conspiracy plot about whether the police in England should carry guns or not. Frankly, this stuff was all just too complex to follow. There are corrupt police and politicians out there? We already knew that.

Andrea Riseborough, David Morrissey, Johnny Harris and Jason Flemyng all have interesting moments.

Then, it’s off to another hail of bullets. Or another pretty London panorama or view of the Thames. And there is at least one scene of the sky that will wow you,

It passed its length of a refreshingly-brief 99 minutes extremely well. Eran Creevy wrote and directed and he brings his stylish music video look to the whole thing. Mark Strong is always entertaining to watch. It was much better than I expected it to be, but I was ready to be very easily pleased.

See it, if you like this genre. The young men enjoyed it much more than the very few women present.


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