Posted by: greercn | March 21, 2013

To The Wonder

I am baffled. Bits of Terrence Malick’s latest film “To The Wonder” are just marvellous, insightful and very beautiful to look at. There are profound thoughts mixed in with the most banal nonsense you ever heard a character say out loud.

And you’ll see four astonishing actors in Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams and Javier Bardem who all have moments that made the Stratford East Picturehouse audience laugh out loud, for all the wrong reasons.

Affleck says the least and looks slightly ashamed throughout.

Oklahoma and Paris look very artistic in long and loving camera shots.

Affleck is at the centre of a love triangle and Bardem plays a priest who has lost his faith.

Hanan Townshend has written a haunting musical score and there is stunning cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki.

It’s meant to be a companion piece to “The Tree of Life” and it’s just as utterly bonkers and deeply moving as that is.

Malick directs and writes although I am told much of the script was improvised around ideas. It’s in English, French, Spanish and Italian with subtitles, as required.

I would worry about what the ending might mean but life is too short to prolong those 112 minutes already spent watching this. Why are almost all movies so very long now?

“To The Wonder” felt very long indeed. See it if you are a big Malick fan and love long, loving shots of water, water, water and snow. Everyone trudges but Kurylenko does this in lovely clothes with Parisian chic.


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