Posted by: greercn | April 14, 2013


“Oblivion” is a scifi movie with well-worn themes. Visually, it’s just beautiful. Frankly, I didn’t expect to feel such joy while I was watching this.

Part “Moon”, “2001” and “Total Recall”, sections look like “Tron-Legacy” while keeping the feeling of a classic Western.  The hero travels, physically and mentally, to a new place and this is done in a way which reminded me of my favourite Clint Eastwood films.

“Tron-Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski co-writes as well as directing this.

At its heart, this is a romantic story about the very nature of reality, set with a scifi backdrop.

Jack (Tom Cruise) lives with Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) on earth, after a war with aliens has left this planet dying. Survivors have been moved off the planet, but a few hardy souls (Jack and Vic included) stay on to extract energy and fix stuff.

A beautiful home, lots of cool technology and amazing vehicles assist Jack in his work. Victoria stays home, speaking to the boss, played by a terrifying Melissa Leo. Victoria keeps saying they are leaving in two weeks. You’ve seen enough movies to know that won’t happen, haven’t you?

Jack is haunted by strange dreams, despite having the best shower in the world ever and a swimming pool that will rush to the top of my wish list. The sets and the transport make the future look yummy.

Is Tom Cruise just a tad old for Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko (both 30ish to Tom’s 50ish)? Of course he is! Hey, that’s Hollywood. Women of Tom’s age play grannies. That just is what it is.

Our Jack loves books and nature and wants to stay on earth. This is yet another movie that lingers on a destroyed New York Public Library but, at least, the books are treasured here rather than burned, so that’s film progress for you.

Morgan Freeman pops up and soon everything Jack thinks he knows about his life and work is doubted.

Everyone at the Stratford East Picturehouse enjoyed this a great deal and I want to see it again, soon. It’s entertaining and offers a nice mix of the known combined with terrific new special effects. The twists are wonderful and easy to follow.

If you like scifi or Tom Cruise, this is a film you have to see. It’s terrific fun. Really, this is a treat for the senses and the imagination.


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