Posted by: greercn | May 1, 2013

Love Is All You Need (Den skaldede frisor)

This deep and funny romcom with a twist has warmth, great locations and superb style. Danish Director Susanne Bier made the excellent 2010 film “Haevnen” (known as either The Revenge or In A Better World, in English) which won the Best Foreign Language Oscar in 2011 and was a moving story of difficult family relationships.

“Love” is in Danish, with English subtitles and some English-language sections, but it’s very easy to follow the story.

Pierce Brosnan plays Philip who is living in Copenhagen and is very grumpy about that fact. He meets Ida (the fabulous Trine Dyrholm) who is a hairdresser recovering from cancer. The Danish title translates as “The Bald Hairdresser”.

Philip’s son is about to marry Ida’s daughter, in Italy. Ida has just discovered her husband, Leif (the hilarious Kim Bodnia) is having an affair with a young colleague.

Off we all go to Sorrento and the most lovely parts of Italy. The film keeps its focus on the parents, but there’s still a lot of joy in the way the nuanced relationship is shown between the young and engaged couple.

The gloriously-named Paprika Steen puts in a memorable screen bitch performance.

Yes, it’s all feelgood joy rather than the searing meaning of “Haevnen”. But the plots about cancer, infidelity and sexual identity make it all rise to a higher level.

I enjoyed it a  lot more than my male companion did at the special ShowFilmFirst performance. Maybe there’s more here for girls than there is for boys.

It’s a very beautiful treat of a film with sensational performances from Brosnan and Dyrholm, who see to be having as much fun in making this as I did watching it.

It’s on at several Picturehouse cinemas and other cinemas. Do see it if you love a romcom with muscle and bite.


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