Posted by: greercn | June 17, 2013

Made of Stone

Manchester’s iconic Stone Roses made the leap from indie cult phenonemon to adored objects of love and international admiration. Then, they split up amid rumours of acrimony and drug abuse. That was 20 years ago.

“Made of Stone” follows their 2012 reunion tour as seen through the eyes of band members, “This Is England” director Shane Meadows and lots of obsessive fans.

While it’s thoroughly enjoyable, the film will appeal most to those – including Shane Meadows and me – who saw them first time around and know all the words to all those songs.

There is a little too much of the fans explaining why they have bad hair cuts, queue all night and endure cancelled shows and dramas.

Curiously, you can get through the whole film hearing remarkably few references to the drugs. Surely Ecstasy was as key an ingredient to the Roses as marijuana was to hippie music?

But these are judgemental times and drugs are airbrushed out, mostly.

The live concert footage is amazing and really does make you feel you are at a show. The packed Stratford East Picturehouse sang along to all the songs and it made for a joyful and shared watching experience.

Shane Meadows loves the Stone Roses and that comes through in every frame. Uncomfortably, he probably talks about how much he loves the band a little too long.

Any fan needs to see this documentary. It’s accessible enough that those new to the group should get quite a lot out of it, too. However, you need to feel these songs speak to you to get the best out of this.


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