Posted by: greercn | July 2, 2013

I Am Nasrine

Original, visually stunning and profoundly moving, “I Am Nasrine” is an excellent film that will haunt your dreams.

Nasrine is a teenager living in Tehran, Iran in 2001. Her sense of independence pulls her into conflict with the authorities. Nasrine and her brother Ali flee to England.

This is not cosmopolitan London but, rather, the harsh reality of living in grim housing among hostile people in the northeast of England. South Shields is the location. Casual racism, the inability to work legally and Nasrine’s friendship with local gypsies combine to create conflict with her brother.

Director Tina Gharavi left Iran in 1979 and her intimate style brings this story to life. Her ability to weave storylines together about growing up, immigration, sexuality and being an outsider makes her a talent to watch.

The music enhances the emotions in each scene. Much of it is in English but the subtitles in the earliest scenes are easy to follow.

It is beautifully filmed and lovely to look at, even when set in ugly places and situations. The script and cast are superb.

As Nasrine, Micsha Sadeghi shines with rare quality. Shiraz Haq rivets your attention as Ali.

Nicole Halls (Nicole), Steven Hooper (Leigh) and Christian Coulson (Tommy) all create characters that will stay with you.

The crew in Iran are not named in the credits as it’s felt this could cause them danger.

Do go see this fabulous independent film that tells its tale with great love, affection and style. It’s unlike anything else you will see this year. Poetic and intense, it’s very distinctive.

The Stratford Picturehouse audience loved it. It will be shown there again on Thursday at 6pm. If you live in London and are free, I’ll be chairing the Q&A after the film.


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