Posted by: greercn | September 12, 2013


Just as people have love and hate relationships with different types of cheese, so the scifi “Riddick” movies are the Stilton of the genre. You adore these films or you detest them.

Me, I am firmly on the love-it-to-bits side of the debate. Vin Diesel has astonishing charisma and commitment. Heck, he bet his house on “Riddick” when part of the funding failed to come through, and I am certain he wasn’t wrong.

Science fiction films are my kind of Stilton and “Pitch Black” and “Chronicles” both moved and wowed me.

If you have no positive feelings about those movies, stay away from this one.

While the creatures, alien feeling of a hostile planet and the bounty hunters are all beautifully executed, it’s very much Vin’s presence that holds it all together. Your attention wanders when he is off screen.

“Riddick” lacks the previous films’ strong female characters of Radha Mitchell and/or Judi Dench. There is a woman here, but she swears and fights and is one-dimensional.

Dahl – played by the terminally pretty Katee Sackhoff – confused me because I thought her name was “Doll” until I watched the credits.

Karl Urban only has about five minutes as Vaako and the whole suffers from a few too many similarities with “Pitch Black”. Enough was different and moved Riddick’s story forward that I wasn’t bothered.

Jordi Molla as Santana and Matt Nable as the dad of Riddick’s old foe Johns have super moments.

David Twohy directs and he knows what we Riddick fans want. He gives us lots of action and lots of lovely visual effects. There are also some very cool flying motorcycles, if you like that sort of thing (and I do).

The Stratford East Picturehouse audience enjoyed it, but were occasionally restless during the 119-minute running time. I was enthralled.

Riddick is an outlaw, physical and on the run. The shiny eyes give him night vision and he has a distinctive and alien feel.

I think Vin Diesel is an extraordinary action hero and a superb actor. If you like Vin and scifi, you will enjoy this. You don’t need to have seen the two previous films to follow the plot.



  1. A dumb movie that shouldn’t be taken seriously, but is still fun for the time it’s up on-screen. Good review Greer.

  2. Thank you! There is a special place in my heart for movies that are simple fun and enjoyable, but don’t challenge my brain.

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