Posted by: greercn | October 30, 2013

Le Week-End

You get to see two very different films when you watch “Le Week-End”. The first half is relentlessly downbeat and keenly observed.
The second half is a deeper and better film altogether. The arrival of Jeff Goldblum and Olly Alexander lifts the tale from being a bittersweet romcom to a pacy tale of love and success.
Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent give a masterclass in demonstrating quiet desperation. They play a very middle class couple, Meg and Nick, who have gone to Paris to spend their wedding anniversary.
The plot lost me very early. Duncan and Broadbent are both terrific actors, but their relationship and choices seemed to be silly. Early on, they decide to leave a perfectly okay hotel room, because it’s beige and go off to a much swankier room that’s – well – also beige.
One the relentless Goldblum arrives, full of a celebrity success that has eluded Meg and Nick, it all worked much better. The humour and writing seemed warmer and truer.
There really aren’t any circumstances in which I find a scene that features skipping out without paying for a meal at a restaurant anything other than unpleasant to watch.
The dancing, music, tourism and dinner party scenes are all just lovely.
Yet I am left feeling a bit empty at the end. It’s full of superb writing and acting, yet it fails to grab the heart.
Olly Alexander is a great talent and I look forward to seeing him again in another and much better film.


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