Posted by: greercn | January 12, 2014

All Is Lost

The elegiac tale of one man and a beautiful boat has just one character and barely half a page of dialogue.

Oddly, the natural audience – those who love sailing – will seethe at the wrong details of using ropes and masts.

Yet the ocean looks so beautiful, menacing and endless that your attention never strays from the screen.

Robert Redford, the iconic actor who ruled the indie hip films of the 1970s and started the Sundance festivals, plays a character lost at sea in a damaged boat, struggling to survive.

The sheer physical energy required for the part would be demanding for anyone. Redford, at 77, rises to the challenge.

At times, he looks like Kirk Douglas or Robert Wagner. Has he had work done to his face? It hasn’t affected the mobility of his features, but his eyes seem to be bigger than they used to be.

The Stratford East Picturehouse audience really enjoyed it, as did I. Yes, you need to have an attention span that can cope with watching detailed and painstaking actions.

J.C. Chandor brings the same taut direction to this as he did to “Margin Call”.

It’s offbeat, compelling and just stays with you, once you have seen it. Few actors of any age could pull off this relentless examination by the camera. Redford makes it all work.



  1. Good review Greer. It’s surprising to see that Redford, as old as he may be, can still act his ass off and surprise us with what it is that he’s able to do, with so little.

  2. Thank you! I love to sail so I really enjoyed this.

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