Posted by: greercn | April 9, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted

It’s one of the great British mysteries that “Muppet” is an insulting term, here. How did such adorable creatures become a bad name?

Next thing you know, they’ll be telling me that Miss Piggy, Kermit and Fozzie Bear are just puppets. How ridiculous! They are as real as Tinkerbell.

In becoming Disneyfied, a bit of magical anarchy has been lost. “Muppets Most Wanted” comes with loads of moral messages that are opposed to the essential chaos of the original shows.

Yet the true Muppet spirit of zany fun is at the centre of this film, which may be wasted on children. It’s hard to imagine what they might get out of gags about French working hours and comical battles for international police supremacy.

The plot is simple, but inventive. Miss Piggy’s beloved, Kermit, is impersonated by a master criminal called Constantine.

New Muppets manager Dominic Badguy (pronounced Bahjee) is played by Ricky Gervais who has ham acting nailed better than Miss Piggy does.

We romp around the world, while a sinister tale unfolds.

Actually, that’s all you should know, going in. More detail would spoil it.

In general, it’s a loveable mix of the Muppet “Caper” film and an early episode. Tina Fey and Ty Burrell carry their scenes rather nicely and the big music and dance numbers are gorgeous to watch.

Most of all, I just giggled most of the way through and laughed out loud a few times. There are lots of star cameos, too.

The Stratford East Picturehouse audience all enjoyed it a lot. Director and co-writer James Bobin and co-writer Nicholas Stoller will draw in new fans and give us oldsters great pleasure too. Please, might we have some more?



  1. Good review Greer. Wasn’t as lovely or as endearing as the 2011 film was, but being that this is the Muppets, it’s still fun and hilarious to watch and enjoy.

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