Posted by: greercn | April 15, 2014

Rio 2

With super 3D, “Rio 2” goes for much more of everything that was in “Rio”. Bigger dances, deeper themes and catchy tunes bellowed by big crowds all compete to grab your senses.

The early scenes are in Rio de Janeiro, with all the Brazilian landmarks that you know, at least from movies.

Then, we are whooshed to the Amazon, where much of the action happens. You can see this without having seen “Rio”. The sequel stands alone.

Given that this is about cerulean Macaw parrots, maybe that should be squawkwel?

Blu, Jewel and their three children live with Linda in Rio. Their adventure up the Amazon leads to divisions between the domesticated Blu and the more adventurous Jewel.

Nasty Nigel is back and bent on revenge on Blu. Being a Disney film, the villains have British and or Spanish (and not Portuguese) voices while almost all the good guys are American.

The country that makes the movie gets to make the heroes, right?

There are lots of very charming characters and all is beautifully drawn and animated. I particularly liked the poisonous pink tree frog.

Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway reprise their parts as the voices of Blu and Jewel and Leslie Mann’s voice of Linda is as adorable as the story of the Amazon travel and troubles.

A rather wonderful ecology message, aimed squarely at small children, is also present.

Whole families all enjoyed this. The Stratford East London Picturehouse audience – including me – loved it.

If you’re looking for a treat that will entertain young children and your own inner child, this is for you.



  1. Good review Greer. I was very disappointed by this. Not because it was terrible, but because the first movie was so entertaining and surprising. This had nothing else to do except try its hardest to re-create that sort of magic, and yet, it just couldn’t.

    • I’ve now read your review and I agree with much of what you say. Do you think moving it to the Amazon lost some of the magic of those iconic places? Still, the littlest kids (including me) laughed ourselves silly. And the 3D is really beautiful.

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