Posted by: greercn | May 3, 2014


One man? One car? Everything happens on the road, during one evening?

Count me out, I thought. Just not my cup of tea.

Boy oh boy, was I wrong. This is an amazing movie with a truly individual point of view.

Tom Hardy is just wonderful. I am not a big fan, but I may seek out his other non-blockbuster films, after seeing this tour-de-force performance.

Sorry, female fans, but he is not kissed by the pretty fairy, in this part.

Ivan Locke (Hardy) will teach you about concrete and construction and it will be fascinating.

Two friends who have opinions I respect said “you have to see this” so I did.

I am really pleased I saw this little gem of a British movie. It does what Brit flicks do best. It tells a little individual story in an utterly quirky and brilliant way.

Very few people were watching “Locke” at the Stratford East Picturehouse, which is a great shame. The 30 or so of us who did watch it, at this screening, were all stunned.

The plot unfolds via handsfree phone calls, in the car. And it’s an astonishing story.

Steven Knight directs tautly, wasting nothing. You’re gripped within minutes.

You’ll adore it. Trust me.



  1. Too many films are all action and visual effects; I suppose the kids like that. Well, here’s one for grownups. It makes you listen.

  2. So true! My inner child loves all those big action films. But this movie is a real pleasure for those who like depth and learning. Thanks for the comment, Nige!

  3. Good review Greer. Hardy was amazing here and really kept my attention the whole damn time. The movie itself is great too, but it’s clear that it’s mean to be his show, and he just runs with it.

    • Thanks for the comment and glad you liked it too. It is Tom Hardy’s movie and he owns every frame.

  4. Thanks! That means a great deal, coming from you. I appreciate it.

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