Posted by: greercn | May 5, 2014

Upside Down

Visually stunning, “Upside Down” engages you from its first scene. The original premise and big question here is “can love conquer gravity”.

What? Has director and co-writer Juan Solanas inhaled “Inception” and “Romeo and Juliet” while in an altered state?

However bonkers and cod-science-spouting bits of this movie might be, it still pulls you in. If you are familiar with Montreal, you’ll recognise a great number of places, all used in delightful and original ways.

It was this closing night stunner of a film that ended the very successful Sci-Fi London Film Festival. A packed Stratford East Picturehouse applauded as the end credits rolled.

Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) are from two different worlds. They literally face each other upside down as they are pulled by gravity in different directions. And their love is forbidden.

Adam is poor while Eden is rich. One planet is a J. Crew set while the other is post-apocalyptic and poor.

Got it? Take a deep breath. Stay with me. Suspend disbelief, please.

(Yes, it’s okay if you are wondering what impact that difference in gravity might have on sex. Quite a lot of members of the audience were discussing exactly that, after the screening).

Fans of Quebec and Canadian film will note that fabulous actress Kate Trotter is wasted, in a small set of early scenes. Timothy Spall gets more time on screen and he’s wonderful.

Blu Mankuna shines as Adam’s father figure, Albert. And the two actors who play the young Adam and Eden – Elliott Larson and Maurane Arcand – are absolutely perfect.

The twists and turns of the story use the gravity problem in rather charming ways. Solanas is a talent to look out for. Born in Argentina, he lives in France and has an outsider’s eye for telling a great story.

Forgive this film its weird and illogical moments. The beautiful scenes will make you understand what science fiction and fantasy films do best, which is to make us see our reality in a new way. The soundtrack is just as beautiful as the visuals.

Louis Savy and the festival team should be congratulated for bring terrific movies to a wider audience. “Upside Down” is a worthy final day film.



  1. Really like the look of this one!

    • It’s a very beautiful film to watch. Great soundtrack, too!

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