Posted by: greercn | July 11, 2014

Walking On Sunshine

This bouncy and joyful film is mostly for girls, but boys who have to sit through it on a date will find much to like here.

The plot offers no significant breakthroughs. It’s a romcom and a musical and I’ll bet that makes many of you shudder.

Two sisters are in Italy for the wedding of one of them. It turns out the groom had a happy fling with the sister he isn’t marrying three years before the marriage.

Can everything end happily ever after? It’s a romcom and a musical. What do you think?

Frothy and gorgeous, the opening airport scene sets the feelgood theme for the rest of the action.

The only big star names here are Greg Wise (yes, I know, I had to look him up on Wiki) and Leona Lewis (great singer) and you’ll be humming the great and familiar 1980s hits as you leave the cinema.

If you’re a Brit, you might also notice that Katy Brand is in this and she is very funny.

You’ll enjoy all the (brief) 97 minutes of this and will be left wanting to visit all the lovely Italian locations.

Unless you’re a grinch. If you are, just stay away. There is no place for you here.

This is for the diehard lovers of romcoms and those who just want to have fun and mindless joy.


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