Posted by: greercn | August 19, 2014

The Expendables 3

I loved the first two films in this series. But the third one? Not so much.

It feels like a recipe. Inhale “The Raid” one and two, add BIG stunts and then add motorcycles. Everybody loves motorcycle stunts, right?

With Sly, Arnie, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and so many A-list stars, this should be a winner.

So, why did I fall asleep while Kelsey Grammar was speaking? I NEVER fall asleep during movies.

Yet, reader, I did. I almost missed that BIG motorcycle stunt. Shame on me.

Antonio Banderas is the only stand out, being in an entirely different film. Okay, Mel and Sly have their moments, but these are only moments.

I was in an exceptionally bad mood. I had a bad day and I was looking to love this and the entire Stratford East Picturehouse audience. They were lukewarm so that didn’t wake me up.

Catch up on “4”. There will be a “4”. Then, we can forget “3”.



  1. I’ve enjoyed all of these movies for the most part. However, it does seem like we may be getting to the tail-end of the franchise. Good review Greer.

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