Posted by: greercn | November 17, 2014


Creepy and uncomfortable, this film punches way above its weight in its comments on modern TV news.

Jake Gyllenhaal – boy, he and Maggie can act – plays a poor loner and outsider in Los Angeles. After a career as a thief pans out badly, he decides to turn to the more lucrative business of TV news filming.

Along the way, he meets Riz Ahmed (accent is more Brooklyn than LA, but Britain’s own Riz is brilliant in this) who hitches his wagon to Jake’s rising star.

You get an amazing Rene Russo performance and a very good Bill Paxton, Ann Cusack and a remarkable Michael Hyatt. Since “Network”, few films have worked at getting the public to understand the toxic pressures on news production teams.

“Nightcrawler” shocks with its turns twists along the way.

Director and writer Dan Gilroy is married to Rene Russo and he has certainly written a great role for her, here.

It will haunt your dreams. Do see it. The Stratford East Picturehouse audience was engrossed and attentive. I’ll look out for future Gilroy films, as he gets under your skin, with excellent music, style and true indie values.



  1. I think this film, particularly Jake should have received a lot more attention. I loved the film and the performances are amaxing!

    • I agree with you. It’s really excellent and has amazing performances and a well-written script, that cranks up the tension scene by scene.

      • Jake can play a great number of characters, but it is great to see him back to his creepy best.

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