Posted by: greercn | December 29, 2014


Hands bleed a lot when you are studying drumming at a top American music school. Be grateful you don’t do anything that requires regular buckets of ice and bandage materials.

This clever little film contrasts the highest-powered of creative drive with ordinary life. “Fame costs and right here is where you start paying” said that “Fame” film although those kids looked like they were having fun when they danced around the school.

Feet bleeding from ballet were usually kept off-screen or tastefully referred to as having happened, in the past.

Here, you get all the visceral details plus genuine twists and turns that will shock you. These kids are all about work and pain.

Miles Teller as student Andrew and J.K Simmons as teacher Fletcher give utterly brilliant performances in Damien Chazelle’s unusual story. Chazelle directed and wrote this and he is someone to watch out for.

Ably supported by an ensemble cast, Melissa Benoist also has a distinctive part, in among a largely male group.

Questions are asked about whether teaching excellence ever crosses the line to bullying. There is lots to make you think.

I saw this at a special free preview for members of Stratford East Picturehouse. There were lively discussions after the end credits screened and genuine gasps when the twists and turns happened, during the movie screening.



  1. Cant wait to see this film . Buddy is god

    • It’s a very interesting and entertaining movie and you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for the comment.

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