Posted by: greercn | May 23, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

Explosions, chases, miles of sand and performances that respect the spirit of the old Mad Max movies are all here. Did you ever ask yourself what director George Miller might do with a massive budget? Wonder no more!

It takes a while to get used to Tom Hardy in the old Mel Gibson role. They are very different types of actors.

And Charlize Theron as Furiosa is an action woman who commands her scenes.

It’s pure genius to have the actor Hugo Keays-Byrne, who played villain Toecutter in the first 1979 movie, back here as lead villain.

In a post-apocalyptic desert world filled with evil, Max and Furiosa are thrown together. Furiosa is protecting a lot of very pretty woman and Nicholas Hoult plays a distinctive part in the mayhem that ensues.

The music, costumes, make-up and settings add to the desolate but beautiful look of it all.

I saw it in 3D at the Stratford East Picturehouse and the audience loved it. I felt 120 minutes was a bit too long, but it’s a normal length for dystopian future films, of which there are many.

Is it just me longing for a movie that shows a cheery future? Ah well. I was raised on Disney.

If you loved the old Mad Max features, you’ll adore this. It preserves the distinctive look of the originals, while adding lots of classy touches. The 3D is very special and pulls you in.



  1. As an old school Mad Max fan I’ve been sceptical about Fury Road, but after reading your review, colour me excited!

    • Truly, it pays homage to the old movies while being something new. I am so happy to see your comment!

    • Did you see it? What did you think?

      • No, I still haven’t managed to catch it on the big screen.
        I might have to wait for the Blu-ray/DVD release on October 4th.
        I will let you know, as and when.

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