Posted by: greercn | June 4, 2015

San Andreas

“San Andreas” will be the most successful film with a Spanish title this year. It’s a pity that the title is the only Spanish language on offer here.

This “San Andreas” is the fault that’s destroyed California, on miles of celluloid.

Hurtling down a canyon with a car and a helicopter grabs you from the first scenes. A breakneck pace is maintained through most of the 114 minutes.

With homage to “Earthquake” and “Towering Inferno” – known collectively as Shake n Bake – the viewer is hurtled through the Hoover Dam in Nevada before it becomes a race to save people from the wreckage of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino are surprisingly good as the central couple here. As their daughter, Alexandra Daddario races from danger to peril accompanied by Hugo Johnstone-Burt and Art Parkinson while she wears fewer clothes as the movie progresses. The younger characters are compelling and you root for them to survive.

Everyone takes the time to chat about what’s happening, rather than just running and screaming.

Paul Giamatti is just fine as the “we’re all doomed” quoting scientist and Archie Panjabi is glorious as a TV reporter. As always, she glows. Please, will somebody give her a brilliant part in a wonderful film?

Ioan Gruffudd is also here as Daniel. He gets great lines about building towers that will survive anything. Yeah, right.

A brief cameo from Kylie Minogue is superb, but over much too quickly.

Canadian Brad Peyton directs and the pace is snappy, with very few exceptions.

“San Andreas” is a much better movie than I thought it would be. Exceptionally entertaining and beautifully filmed, the action and stunts are all magnificent to watch.

A very full Stratford East Picturehouse including me and my Very Intelligent Friend enjoyed it and I’d love to watch it again and again.

The 2D is much clearer and easier on the eyes than the 3D version. Objects crash towards you, whichever version is chosen.

Beyond the land of guilty pleasure, it’s a mini holiday for the senses. Enjoy the ride, from the safe distance of your seat.


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