Posted by: greercn | June 11, 2015


Melissa McCarthy is equally adept at carrying sight gags and hilarious lines in Paul Feig’s new spy comedy.

When a nuclear bomb goes missing, our back office CIA heroine must become a field agent. Egged on by colleague Miranda Hart and boss Allison Janney, there is so much female energy in “Spy”, you might wish to bring tampons.

Rose Byrne and Morena Baccarin rachet up the girl power energy.

For the boys, Jason Statham – just hilarious – and Jude Law – endearingly clueless – have great moments. Bobby Cannavale and the ever-wonderful Peter Serafinowicz are adorable, creepy and hilarious.

I went with my Very Intelligent Friend and we both fell about laughing. Reader, I guffawed. “Spy” is made of funny lines and visuals and feels like a reaching back to older and defter comedy movies, from a long time ago.

The music, settings and costumes all work perfectly.

Melissa should now get loads of leading parts as she confirms her star appeal. Surprisingly, Jason has a great sense of humour and should be given more comedy roles.

You’ll have fun. It’s a good movie. Everyone at Stratford East Picturehouse just cackled with glee.


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