Posted by: greercn | June 18, 2015

Sci-Fi-London Festival 2015

A Very Happy Birthday to the marvellous Louis Savy, who is the brains and the heart behind this film festival.

Louis and his team show lots of great movies you won’t see anywhere else.

The fun began with a party at the British Film Institute (BFI) at the South Bank celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sci-Fi-London and the opening night. Reader, I very nearly did lose my heart to a Starship Trooper. The Wookies were adorable although I’m not sure how Indiana Jones got in. Still, he looked very handsome.

Most of us were in civvies which meant black tops of varying glamour and black jeans to match. We felt a little nondescript next to those who were in costume.

Tons of blue and yellow balloons festooned the room. Balloons always make me feel about eight-years-old and at a proper party, with cake and ice cream.

Apart from the BFI, showings were at the Ritzy Picturehouse and at my beloved Stratford East Picturehouse. More than 40 films were shown, not including short films and various competitions. The Sci-Fido show featured dressed-up dogs.

“Haphead” is a Canadian film, directed by Tate Young. It’s about a young woman who works in a haptics factory. Haptics means communication via touch. Crudely, haptics here are sensors you attach to your body that let you physically experience being in a game.

It’s all to be continued in a web series, which you can find at

Elysia White as Maxine has a quality of the very young Kristen Stewart about her. It’s an intriguing look at the future through the eyes of regular workers. Even though bits of it were choppy and disjointed in the feature film, I’ll still check out the web series.

“Closer To God” terrified me. It’s an intelligent look at human cloning but it feels like a horror film. Oh, for a shoulder to lean on as I jumped up and hid my eyes repeatedly.

The film I am sorry I missed and will look out for is “Life Off Grid”. I’m fascinated by self-sufficiency and this shows real people living outside of normal society.

Well done, Louis and team. May the next 20 years be terrific.


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