Posted by: greercn | July 15, 2015

Hitchcock’s Home

For three nights only, Alfred Hitchcock is coming home.

The master of suspense was born just up the road from where I live. His parents ran a shop in Leytonstone High Road in the southern bit of the E11 area of east London.

It’s not there now. A garage and a chicken shop have a blue plaque, telling you he was born here. In a rather lovely act of homage, there are birds painted on the adjoining building and along the walk, just to the north.

Tomorrow (16th), Friday (17th) and Saturday (18th), three Hitchcock films will be shown in the graveyard of St John’s Church, Leytonstone, E11, as part of the Leytonstone Festival.

“Dial M For Murder” (16th), “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (17th) and “The Lady Vanishes (18th) will be shown as dusk falls each evening, at about 9.30pm.

These events are being run by the clever and talented Dee Wood, who has invited me to speak on how Hitchcock influenced other directors. That was the subject of a long paper I wrote at McGill University, about a million years ago, when I first programmed film festivals and learned more about the movies and why I love them all, so very much.

There will be food and drink vans and the doors open at 6.30pm, each night. Bring blankets and a folding chair.

Cost is £15 per night or £30 for all three nights.

If you’re in London, you should come along. The weather – touch wood – should be fine and these will be terrific events.

Join us. I attach the link to all the details and to buy tickets. Thursday is selling out fast.

If you’re coming via Leytonstone tube station on the Central Line, stop to take a look at the glorious murals which line the walls of the walkway out to Church Lane. They show scenes from Hitchcock’s films.



  1. His father was a greengrocer.

    • As was Margaret Thatcher’s dad. And yet, they took such different routes…

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