Posted by: greercn | July 15, 2015

Song Of The Sea

I cried real tears. My Very Intelligent Friend looked away, in disbelief. This is a movie for little kids, right?

Apparently, adults who are easily moved by Irish folklore and the death of mothers may sob, more than a little.

Controversy arose at the Oscars when “Big Hero ” won best animated feature, over this film and the excellent “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”.

I love animation and this was a great year for films aimed at kiddies that were equally adored by adults.

The music, drawing and voicing of this have a very special and distinctive sense. It just feels unusual.

You need to be comfortable with supernatural themes and with mythology, but there’s an unmistakable charm at work here.

I knew very little about the plot going in and that helped my sense of wonder.

My Very Intelligent Friend and I both enjoyed it very much. You will too, if you have a soul.



  1. And the dog is called Cú – that’s Gaelic for Dog.

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