Posted by: greercn | July 23, 2015


Marvel’s universe often featured the rebel character, in a way that DC comics didn’t. DC villains were allowed quirkiness, but this formed part of their downfall.

This energy and quest of the outsider remains part of the big attraction for Marvel fans. It’s been a little sad to see the revived movies feature so few of those flawed but fascinating beings.

So, hooray for Ant-Man! Convicted thief Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) teams up with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to prevent evil from ruling the planet. Scott’s journey to the costume is refreshing and moving.

Original director Edgar Wright dropped out and Peyton Reed stepped in. My worry increased as stories came out about new writers being added. Despite all the chopping and changing, some of which shows up as continuity flaws, I enjoyed this movie and felt it stayed true to the real spirit of Marvel.

Evangeline Lilly and Corey Stroll are just fine as the other two main characters, but it’s Judy Greer as Scott Lang’s estranged wife who drew my attention most, whenever she was in a scene. Why isn’t she a major star? She shines and stands out, whenever I see her in one of these small and key character parts she seems to get stuck with.

Bobby Cannavale is just fine as the policeman/boyfriend. Anthony Mackie as Falcon has a few very special moments.

Michael Pena is not on screen enough but when he is there, he’s wonderful.

The laughs, warmth and action all worked just fine for me. The 3D and the extraordinary shrinking and expanding scenes, along with some inventive chases managed to amuse me and my Very Intelligent Friend.

You can argue about some of the choices made, comparing them to those of the old comic stories, but this is a credible Marvel universe. You feel you are inside some of the extraordinary visual treats and the 3D enhances, without adding darkness.

Lovers of Thomas The Tank Engine may recoil in horror during the end climax.

Everyone at Stratford East Picturehouse enjoyed the experience, as did we.

That Stan Lee cameo you’re waiting for is very near the end of the two hours. Stay right until the end of the credits as you get two teaser trailers.


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